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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We are here to help
About The Company
Do you only do Website Design?

Not really, even though we are experts in website designing but in addition to that our creative team have hands on experience in Brand Designing and Graphic Designing as well. We provide all kind of design related services so that we can fulfil the ever growing needs of your business. We provide designs for logos, flyers, brochures, business cards, file covers, packaging materials, email newsletters, landing pages and of course websites.

How long has Reliqus been building websites?

We are serving the industry from past 6 years. But our team have professionals with more than a decade of experience.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We work with all kind of businesses, from start-ups to established organizations. Our wide range of customers has allowed us to serve all types of industries. Whether you are an individual or a group, we are capable to transform your idea into reality.

Cost Calculation Tool
How does the cost calculation tool work?

Cost calculation tool is designed to help you get an estimate for your next website. You can simply select the desired features and see the cost in real time. If you need custom features that are not mentioned in our list then you can simply add them and we will provide a separate quote for them. This way you have the authority to add/remove the features you need.

Are these costs approximates?

Unfortunately we cannot build a system that can understand all the project requirements by itself. So yes, these numbers are approximates but they are very much close to our final quotations (~90%). Just make sure to select all the features that you need for your website.

Payments and Timeline
What Is The Average Cost For A Website

We make all kind of websites ranging from $500 to $5000. The cost of the project primarily depends on the feature requirements and timeline. On an average, a business website costs around $1200. If you need to sell products on your site then a budget of around $1500 should work.

How do I pay you?

We accept payments through PayPal and International bank deposits. Our account details will be mentioned on the project invoice you receive upon completion of work.

How do the payments on the project work?

All projects are divided in several milestones with payments and work split across a range of dates. As soon as we finish the work decided in a particular milestone, we will raise an invoice for the fees initially decided. You will have a week of time to review the submitted work and pay for the invoice. In case of any delays we will have to slow down the progress further.

Will you need advance deposits?

We do not ask for any payments for work not done. You don’t need to pay anything initially. We will start working on the project as soon as you approve the milestones and timeline. You will be required to pay when the work decided in a particular milestone is completed.

Is there any additional TAX over the decided project cost?

Our project quotations include all the TAX payable to the government. You do not need to worry about this.

How long does it take to build a website?

It really depends on the functionality that is needed. Usually projects are delivered in less than a month of time. If you are looking for custom development with all sorts of crazy user experiences then it can stretch anywhere from 1-3 months.

Can you do it faster?

Sure, we can keep your project on priority by including an additional urgency fees. The fees will depend on the timeline required and our availability. This fees can range anywhere from 10% to 50% of the project cost. Please mention your required timeline before the start of any work.

How does communication between us work?

We usually communicate via EMAIL and do occasional Skype calls whenever detailed meetings are required. We can get on a phone call with you if that is easier.

How will I be informed about the Project Status?

As per your project plan, you will get timely status reports. Usually we offer weekly status reports for all the projects.

Can I See My Website While It's In Progress?

Yes, you will be given a link to view your website while it is still in development. You can view the progress on your site in real-time and guide the team whenever needed.

How many design mock-ups will I get for my website?

We deliver 1 home page design mock-up for each project with a scope of upto 3 revision cycles. You can order additional design concepts by including a small fee.

Will I have a say in the graphic design process?

Of course, you are the captain of the ship! You will be allowed to directly speak with the design team and mould the design as per your needs. All the design concepts will be based upon your choices and references. In case you don’t have a design idea for your business, our team will help you by first studying your industry and then putting the best ideas on the table.

How many numbers of revisions can I have on the design concepts?

You get up to 3 revision cycles for the design concept. You can order more revision cycles by paying a small fee. Usually, the designs get approved in first or second revision cycle.

How does the web development process work?

We have a well-tested process for developing new websites. You can see how it works here

What platform do you build your websites on?

We usually build websites on WordPress and PHP because that’s cost-effective for you. If WordPress cannot accommodate your requirements then we offer custom development in CAKE PHP, Joomla and Magento.

Will I need to provide the content?

Yes, you will be responsible for providing all the content for the website. If you want our team to assist then we can connect you with some professional content writers. For the imagery, we will find suitable items for you but you will need to purchase if there is any cost associated with them.

Will my website work on mobile?

Definitely. All our websites seamlessly render on all the latest devices available in the market. Websites designed by Reliqus are compatible with all the screen sizes including mobile, tablet and desktops.

Do you provide Hosting services?

Yes, we can definitely assist you in getting your website hosted. You can either host with us or we can help you in purchasing the right hosting plan on a third party website. However, hosting with us is cost-effective and comes with a 99.9% up-time.

Where is my website hosted?

Your website will be hosted on your server. If you don’t have a server in place, you can either purchase a hosting plan with us or buy a plan from any third party providers. However, by hosting with us you can save money and guarantee that your website stays up all the time.

How much does web hosting cost with Reliqus?

Hosting plans with Reliqus starts from as low as $10 per month. The price for hosting will depend on the number of users visiting your site and operations your website needs to perform.

How is my website backed up?

When hosted with Reliqus, your website is backed up weekly to make sure that no data is lost in case of any unavoidable circumstances. You will be responsible for taking backups of your site if you are hosting anywhere else.

How much do you charge for website support?

We offer custom support plans depending on your needs. Our website support plans start from $20 a month and go over $200 a month. In addition to technical support we offer support in creating new functionality and artwork for your website.

What is “Bug Free Guarantee”?

All websites with Reliqus comes with a Bug Free Guarantee of 3 Months. This means that we will resolve any development issues discovered on your website within 3 months of launch. You won’t have to worry a bit if you find any issue post launch; we will resolve it for Free. Note that if in this time, any team other than Reliqus attempts to work on the code, this guarantee will get void and we will not be responsible for any of the issues.

What if I later discover that the website has a bug?

If you find any issue on the website after 3 months from Launch then you can simply hire us to resolve it at a small price. We will consider discounting the services depending on the type of issue found.

Referrals and Discounts
Do you offer any discount for repeat customers?

Absolutely! The thing we love the most is building relationships with businesses and be a part of their growth. You are straight away eligible for 20% discount on your next project with us.

I know someone who is in a need of a new website; will I get anything for making a referral?

Definitely! You can avail a 20% commission on every referral you send our way. We will send you your commission upon the processing of each invoice. If you do not need a commission, you can save the discount for your next purchase with us or we can transfer the discount to your referral and they will get a 20% off on the project fees.

Do I own my website?

Definitely! Once all the work is completed and invoices processed, we will transfer the ownership of the website to you. You will have all legal authority on the site after that.

Will I be able to change content on my website?

Yes, all websites designed by Reliqus are integrated with an admin panel to edit the content of all the pages.

Will I be able to cancel the project once started?

Yes, you have all the authority to cancel the project whenever you want to and you will not be liable for any future milestones. However you will be required to pay for the milestone currently in progress so that cost for the work done is paid. You are also eligible to own the work you had paid so far.

What is your refund policy?

Since we do not ask for any advance payments, we do not also refund for any work completed. Web development is a time taking process and involves the effort of various professionals and it is necessary to make sure that at the end of the day everyone is paid for their effort. However, you are eligible to own the work you had paid so far.

Wondering what would it cost you to get your dream website done? Try our Cost Calculation Tool and immediately get your answer.