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Unleashed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, the recursive acronym stands for Hypertext-Preprocessor or Personal Home Page(earlier used). PHP is the most popular scripting language embedded in HTML that can run on an installed server. It is an open-source service-side scripting language that helps build interactive websites, applications, integrated payment gateways, etc. Big frameworks such as- Reliqus, WordPress, Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr, Wikipedia, Tumblr, MailChimp, Slack, and Etsy are some of its prestigious users. The cost-effective script enhances web hosting performance.

Reliqus is a premier Website Development company that offers valuable insights for businesses to evaluate PHP-based websites' functionality. You can benefit from our services to enjoy- web application maintenance, PHP-based CMS development, PHP website maintenance, PHP eCommerce, and many more.

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79.1% Of Websites Use PHP As Server-Side Programming Language

Compared to other scripts like Asp.Net, JSP, or CFML, PHP serves endless customization; it supports many protocols such as POP3, IMAP, and LDAP. According to W3Techs- “PHP is used by 79.1% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know.” Php features include- Short learning curve, Support web hosting, Open-sources, Built-in Web Service support, Easy HTML integration, Native MySQL support. Our PHP development company in Indiaoffers step-by-step and affordable help for your PHP website development needs.

PHP Offers Platform Diversity

PHP website is the cross-platform that supports different operating systems like: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. The scripting language is functional on almost all web hosting servers. It has built-in support of working with MySQL, which can be used with Postgres, Oracle, MS SQL Server, OBBC, etc. PHP websites are more challenging than WordPress websites. The core operations of PHP websites make them less user-friendly. Thus, hiring an expert PHP web development service can widen chances of growth.

PHP Websites That Never Fail To Impress

Reliqus is experienced in carrying out and tweaking open source PHP content management frameworks. Each industry has various necessities and must be offered customized content management catering to explicit motivations. We can help you build a website from scratch or maintain it for you. Irrespective of instrumental challenge, we customize modules for our clients.

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Why Reliqus For Your Business ?

Reliqus offers easy to manage, easy to develop, and easy to maintain php website development services. Our cost effective approach and aim to help businesses use unconventional means to reach success has been recognized by world leaders of the website development industry. Reliqus is known to speed up the process without compromising on quality.

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We are a one stop solution for all your design requirements. We at Reliqus, not only helps you to setup a website for your business but we help you to succeed.


Yes. We develop mobile-friendly PHP websites. Our professional team developers excel in the craft. They are well-versed in their domain. Being a 360-degree web development firm, we build a consumer-centric and graphically compelling website interface ideal for computers, smartphones, and pads.

Website security is an essential and fundamental requirement for any website. Our PHP service team keeps your website safe from illegal penetrations by keeping your software updated, limiting login attempts, user management, enabling secure hosting, editing software, etc.

The prices for PHP websites are quoted based on the project requirements of our clients. We enlist all the essential specifics and determine an approximate timeline requisite for each project. We plan the details, expenses, and the estimated time our team requires. Only then can we quote prices for PHP websites.

A portion of the highlights that make PHP the most preferred programming language is its magnificent compatibility with technology. Creating PHP websites through PHP Web Development Services adds dynamism, spryness, collaborative and open-source designs fit for any web browser and database integration. Today, organizations are attempting to improve the client experience by intertwining exceptionally practical and highlight affluent segments. PHP is prestigious as one of the quickest, influential, robust structures for web improvement.

Well! Maintaining a website is necessary because the internet world is filled with irregularities. There are potential threats to the websites 24x7. Websites are prone to virus malfunctions spread by cybercriminals. Thus, maintaining a website ensures the elimination of such hazards.

Maintaining a PHP-based website involves ensuring the proper functioning of a website. Most businesses do it either by themselves or by hiring professional PHP Website development companies. Companies opt to maintain websites to monitor websites and take well-informed actions to make the customer's experience enjoyable.