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Chartered in the year 2010, Reliqus Consultancy is a dreamboat making its headway under the staunch commitment of marketer cum leader Ankit Bhatia. After investing a decade in perfecting his entrepreneurial skills, Ankit founded Reliqus as a platform to lend a helping hand for growing businesses.

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While other designers turned us down saying it would be too difficult, Mr. Ankit and his team worked closely with us and took on the challenge. I highly recommend this team to anyone looking to create something unique!

Marion Haase
Project - Creative leaves

Reliqus was great. They exceeded our expectations and gave great value for the cost. Ankit B. is very knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough.

Stuart Calhoon
Project - SC Corvettes

I felt like they were the only ones who really read what I was looking for and tried to offer a solution. They were great to work with.

Chris Holman
Project - Urban Raid

Ankit is awesome to work with, great communicator, has a highly skilled team, and is very knowledgeable when it comes to all things web.
AAA+ freelancer

Project - Valued Lives


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