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Gone are the days when promotions and selling of products were reserved for monstrous size organizations. In today’s time, millions of brands are fighting to sell the same goods. But the only way to bring your brand up in the crowd of millions is SEO Services for Business.

Understanding this need for the USA energetic entrepreneurs, Reliqus brings you state-of-the-art search engine marketing services. We entered the digital marketing industry ten years ago when SEO services were in their caterpillar phase. But the spurt in SEO’s need over the past few years has been beyond belief, making it strenuous to choose the best SEO services company.

How Much Does SEO Affect Your Ecommerce Business?

Effective & result-oriented Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization can help you attract customers who are diversely spread irrespective of different time horizons. A strategic plan will cover tons of research, content drafting, keyword planni ng, link building, social media interactions, and many more, which organizations unwillingly overlook. A key component also includes understanding the metrics of Google Algorithms, which our best SEO services lay great stress upon.

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Search engine optimization packages provided by the best Digital marketing Company in USA, Canada and all across the globe

Looking for a Search engine optimization (SEO) package that fits your budget? Well, we are one of the best seo service companies who provide Affordable SEO Services for Small Business. Whereas most of the seo price packages come with a minimum timeline of three months, we provide monthly seo packages as well to provide economical seo to small- medium size brands.

There are many Pricing factor to consider before choosing right SEO Packages, we understand your need and your goals.

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Website Analysis

Duplicate Content Check

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Keyword Analysis

URL optimization

upto 30

upto 40

upto 50

On page Optimization

Title and metaTag optimization

upto 30 pages

upto 40 pages

upto 50 pages


Header Tag optimization

upto 30 pages

upto 40 pages

upto 50 pages

Internal Link Structuring

upto 5

upto 10

upto 15

Robot.txt Creation/ analysis

Content Audit

Image optimization

404 Error analysis

Xml sitemap

Analytics Tools set up