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The Digital Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

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Blog Writing Is Your Best Ammunition In The Content Marketing Tool Kit

Incorporating blog writing as a marketing strategy is a concept which once was a foreign entity. The word's origin is primarily rooted in the idea of "log," meaning to record on the web—some of the popular monikers that entailed it were-weblogs, personal web pages, and online diaries. Today, blogging's semantics have come out of its restrictive definitions and have begun to take many shapes.

As per the Orbit Media survey, over 86% of marketers use blog writing as a marketing strategy to influence their prospective customers to buy their services. The reason is that what's at the epicenter of the market is 'customers.' And a large population of potential customers spend an average of 4 hours online on their phones to draw information. Thus, it was important to reach them at home. And blogging helped in achieving the ;goal

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How To Create Most Influential Blogs

Google Algorithm is tough to crack. A key component in creating a blog that is impossible to ignore must consider- Design, Images, Structure, Formatting tricks, etc. An authoritative blog will keep your customers keen on communicating with you. Blogs unfurl the information to respond to customer questions, address queries, and offer genuine arrangements. Thus, transforming traffic into qualified leads. As leads repeatedly return to pursue blogs, a brand builds a relationship with those leads, supporting them through the client venture.

Blogging Is A Customer Acquisition Channel

A customer can find out about products & services through three means: Word of mouth, Search, and Advertising. Blogging forms part of all these three mediums. A brilliant way to run a metastasizing blog involves publishing more often, writing list posts, contributing to communities, and giving expert roundups. Information-based blogging is an economical way for businesses to bring customers from Google. It can show an exponential increase in traffic building, sales, and conversion. Therefore, blogging isn't just a traffic acquisition channel, but it's a customer acquisition channel.

Blogs Spur Your Business's Growth

Every brand has begun treading the same blogging path without knowing how to convert traffic into leads successfully. The biggest mistake that marketers commit is not realizing the mechanism of blogging. They forget the important steps like Knowing the sales funnel, directing the blog, converting traffic into leads, nurturing leads, and analyzing efforts.

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