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It takes approximately 200 backlinks to get one good keyword on the top. A good link building consultant knows which 200 backlinks can do that.

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"I have heard of Search Engine Optimisation, but what exactly this link building is? I want to get leads; I want to reach out to more people, but which of these services to choose? Should I go for SEO plans, or should I get a Link building Plan?"

One of the most heard lines in our past eight years. So we thought rather than giving you the jargon about how link building is done, Let's use the space for clearing which service should you choose SEO or Link building?

Are you done with the on-page SEO of the site? All the technical challenges are fixed, which can trouble Google in learning about your website?

Do you think your website's meta title and descriptions are keywords optimized?

Do you think you have a constant mechanism to optimize content and create new content?

If the answer to all of them is yes, you don't need to spend on the whole SEO package. Link building is the only major gap that you need to fulfill.

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Link Building Consulting Agency | How Link Building Works?

Link building is challenging, but it's worth the effort. Most of the businesses can't seem to get it right. Backlinks are used by search engines like Google to help rank web pages. It's been the same since Google created page links in 1998. PageRank is a mathematical formula that judges the value of a page by looking at the quantity and quality of the other pages that link to it. Google confirms the importance of link building:-

“There is a correlation between organic traffic and backlinks from unique websites of over 1 billion web pages study”

Reliqus is the best link building consulting agency. Our company specializes in white-hat link-building strategies and getting links to relevant sources.