WordPress Is the Best CMS for SEO: 5 Rationales

If your webpage’s SEO is not contributing enough transformations and the site traffic is low, you must take full control of your content with an SEO-friendly CMS- WordPress. Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has grown constantly. According to Search Engine Journal, it currently controls 34% of the web. Here are 5 rationales for how WordPress is the best CMS for SEO: 

1. Amiable User Experience

WordPress’s themes and plugins cooperate making sites proficient and appealing. Visitors appreciate the experience they get on your site. They stay longer, diminishing the site’s bounce rate. In case you’re hoping to improve your site’s SEO positioning, this is an enormous opportunity for you. Google generally rewards sites that give an incredible client experience. 

2. Create Attractive Permalinks

With WordPress, it’s extremely simple to alter your site’s permalink. Rather than having a URL brimming with terrible characters, you get an excellent option to alter your article’s permalink if you can plug your catchphrase into the URL. This implies your permalink doesn’t just look pretty and useful, but it also assists with your inquiry positioning.

3. SEO Optimized Images 

Images are vital for your blog posts. A couple of them, utilized conveniently, separates your blog into intriguing, discernible segments. In any case, pictures don’t just lead perusers into the core of your content. They’re additionally incredible assets for SEO, particularly when you use WordPress. With WordPress, you can utilize a plugin that naturally makes alt text for your pictures. You can resize your images so they don’t manipulate your page’s speed down.

4. SEO Specific Plugins

The lovely thing about SEO plugins for WordPress is that you never need to contact even a line of code. WordPress enhances your website by simply optimizing it for a higher ranking. All you need is to install the privileged plugins. SEO plugins are augmentation plugins for CMS, browsers and programming solutions. They also influence site improvement, web analytics, internet marketing and other particulars. 

Here are three of the simplest SEO plugins for WordPress.

  1. Yoast SEO 
  2. According to ForwardPmx, Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins on WordPress, with over 5 million active installations and over 25,000 5-star ratings. Considering, it makes the site advancement easier even for the non- developers, it assists you in optimizing content with your focused keywords. Additionally, it helps you in creating content that is lucid for both: humans and web crawlers. Yoast SEO provides SEO titles and meta portrayal templating and also offers premium clients full help at whatever point required. 

  3. Google XML SiteMaps 
  4. The XML plugin uncomplicates the sitemaps making your site design simpler comprehensible for web crawlers. Additionally, each time you publish a post, this module “alerts” web crawlers of your new content. XML sitemaps address the whole design of your site in an arrangement that is intelligible via web search tools. With a XML sitemap set up, web search tools will effectively slither and file your pages. 

  5. Google Analytics by Monster Insights 
  6. WordPress’s Google Analytics module is depicted as both “simple” and “incredible.” Monster Insights is the best Google Analytics module for WordPress. According to Wp beginner, with more than 3 million dynamic users, it is likewise the most famous Google Analytics module for WordPress. Monster Insights permits you to set up analytics in only a couple clicks, and effectively see initially how your site is performing.

Here are three reasons this plugin stands out: 
  • Monitor your Google Analytics without leaving WordPress Dashboard.
  • You can contemplate which pages stand apart on your site with definite details.
  • You can perceive the number of clicks on banner ads, affiliate links, and outbound links.

SEO-Friendly Themes

Catchphrases and metadata aren’t essentially the solitary segments web crawler bugs look at. Another massively significant thing they search for is an acceptable page design. 

SEO Friendly Themes(Image Source)-Themes21

With WordPress, you never need to stress over enhancing your site design for SEO yourself. Essentially pick an SEO-accommodating topic, and you’re en route to pulling in those spiders to your site!

Overwhelm the SERPs with WordPress 

With WordPress, you have a stage that is loaded with SEO-accommodating topics, modules, and instruments. When you utilize all WordPress’s astonishing SEO features, you’re one tread nearer to the highest point of Google’s SERPs.

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