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Success Stories

Excellent working with them. From the beginning they really put the effort in right from the proposal all the way through. I felt like they were the only ones who really read what I was looking for and tried to offer a solution. They were great to work with.

Chris Holman
CEO, The Urban Raid

While other designers turned us down saying it would be too difficult, Mr. Ankit and his team worked closely with us and took on the challenge. Their response time is very fast and they maintain communication with their clients throughout the process. I highly recommend this team to anyone looking to create something unique!

Marion Haase
Founder, Creative Leaps

Another successful project with Ankit! Ankit is awesome to work with, great communicator, has a highly skilled team, and is very knowledgeable when it comes to all things web. AAA+ freelancer

Micro Enterprises, Australia

Working with Ankit and his team was a breath of fresh air. The communication was easy and often. With times where he checked in on me to make sure we were staying on path. The over quality of the work was some of the best you can find out there. Everyone has been impressed with the job that was done.

I would highly recommend Ankit and Reliqus to anyone that needs a WP site built.

Jeff Frommer
DropIn Inc, USA

Reliqus was great. They exceeded our expectations and gave great value for the cost. Ankit B. is very knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough. They gave us a great website and addressed all our concerns and requests. I highly recommend Reliqus for website development.

Stuart Calhoon
SC Corvettes, USA

Another great project with Ankit and his team. Ankit has excellent designers, and giving feedback is really easy as if I ask for something to be done I know it will be. Looking forward to more projects in the future. AAA+ web dev team.

Pulau Luxury Charters, Australia