E, F, G, H, I – Link Building Is Easy, You Just Need To Try

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19 May 2022

Link Building

As we move further, link building terms get easier to remember. So far we have finished till alphabet ‘D’ and in this post, we will discuss link building terms that will start from “E, F, G, H, and I.”


1. Evergreen Content-

Evergreen content refers to content that stays fresh and relevant for readers over a long period.Evergreen Content2. Editorial Link-

When someone links your website without you requesting them or having to pay them is known as an Editorial Link. This usually happens if your website has good content and marketing techniques.Editorial LinkF

1. Footer Link-

Footer links refer to links that appear at the bottom of your page. The links that you see here basically take you to the “Private Polity” page, “About Us” page, etc.Footer Link

2. Followed Links-

Followed links refer to any link that takes a user from one page to another page unless they have a no-follow link.Followed Links

3. 404s-

You may have seen a 404 error page when you try to open websites that no longer work. It is an error message informing the users that the internet address cannot be found.10 Best 404 Error Page Designs for 2019| AGENTE


1. Google Webmaster Guidelines-

Google Webmaster Guidelines refer to guidelines that are set to help your website appear in Google search results, there are quality guidelines that if not followed by the webmaster can cause a penalty to their sites.Google Webmaster Guidelines

2. Google Analytics-

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that helps you get all the information related to your website.Google Analytics

3. Google Search Console-

Same as Google Analytics, Google Search Console is also a free service offered by Google that helps you maintain your website’s presence on Google search results. It will also help you understand how Google sees your website.
Google Search Console

4. Guest Posts:

Guest posts, also known as guest posting, means when you write an article but post it on someone else’s blog rather than your own.

Guest posting is an effective SEO strategy that helps you build exposure, backlinks and relationships.Guest Posts


1. Href-

Href (Hypertext Reference) is an HTML code that is used to create a link to another page.Href

2. Hidden Links-

Hidden links refer to links which are designed in such a way that human users are not able to see but can only be seen by Google bots.Hidden Links


1. IP Address-

IP address or Internet Protocol address is a series of numbers that identifies any device on the network.IP Address-

2. Internal Links-

Internal links are hyperlinks to another page on your website.Internal Links

3. Inbound Links-

Inbound links refer to the links that point to your website from another site.Inbound Links

4. Indexation-

It is the process when different bots like Google bots, crawl the web for pages, after that the web pages are rendered and quality content is added to the index.Indexation

5. Image Links-

It is a specific image that links to another page. Not every image has a link.Image Links

6. Infographics-

It is the common form of content that includes both images and texts in one format.Infographics

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