5 Local SEO Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Small Business

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14 June 2021

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization turns out to be more helpful for small businesses that operate more on regional levels rather than national levels. While national SEO focuses on ranking in searches across the country, local SEO prioritizes appearing on SERPs in a specific location.

For example, when a foodie living in New Jersey, wants to order a pizza near him/her, the simple search will include the keywords- ‘Best Pizza delivery in New Jersey’ not ‘Best Pizza delivery in the United States.’

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

In this case, Google’s SERPs will reflect top Pizzerias concentrated in New Jersey. Thus, allowing the foodie to find food services delivering Pizza faster and more reliable.

But is it all, you need to stay at the top in Local SEO? Certainly Not.

The Local SEO services in India use effective strategies such as the Google My Business” tool that relies on marketing your brand, products, and services to local leads and customers. Therefore, it is very crucial to optimize your local SEO. By doing so, you can attain more website traffic, gain organic leads, and accelerate conversions since the strategy is more relevant to your base of local customers.

By focusing on specific local-SEO to-dos, you can neutralize the advantage of more prominent brands that routinely optimize for broader keywords and rely on brand recognition instead of value propositions to bring in traffic.

Further, according to an estimate cited by Review Trackers’ study in 2017, 35% of all search traffic is local. So without local SEO, there are chances; your business could be losing out on a significant amount of traffic.

In this blog, we’ll discuss Top Local SEO Tactics For Every Business for you to engage your local traffic.

But first, let us first clear a few basics:

Local SEO: What Is It?

What Is Local SEO

What Is Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization is the activity that helps companies (with a physical location) improve visibility on Google and other Search Engine platforms. It ranks your business in online search results. It is specially designed for local companies to help them in increasing customers to grow their revenue. Many companies can help you with local SEO services by providing affordable local SEO services.

However, it is more important to identify which Local SEO service provider best suits your needs.

In the plethora of SEO services that claim better traffic and growth at sky-rocket prices, it becomes inevitable to identify affordable Local SEO services with features that match your business objectives. Reliqus was born with the aim to fulfill these requirements that many small to large businesses are built on.

Here are some of the most important features Reliqus offers in affordable Local SEO services:

  • Refined Technical SEO: We use a combination of proven techniques and innovative solutions to generate best results for you. Our team of senior developers and industry experts test each aspect of your business requirement thoroughly and implement best campaigns. From creating websites to mobile-based applications to maintaining your business websites, we handle everything with precision. So, when you look for experts. Type in Reliqus on your search engine.
  • Trustworthy Strategies: Reliqus is a trusted local SEO brand in India with over a decade of experience on multiple domains and vertices. From marketing leaders to toppers of their college, ours is a team of marketers who rely on planning and execution.
  • Social Media Management for your Local SEO: Mobile devices have become an inseparable part of our lives. Thus, why not use it for your business advantage? Yes that’s right!

We use social media for local SEO to let your potential buyers know what services you offer. You know your consumers spend so much time scrolling down their smartphone screens and they will never find your business in that pile. But when handled right, these social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp help establish strong brand presence by involving millions of users in brand discussions, product launches, and much more.

  • Maintaining positive reviews: Believe it or not, 90% of modern customers look at 6-7 online reviews before buying any service. Even a few negative comments can switch their mind. Our specialists will help you earn a positive feedback from satisfied customers.
  • Curate precise, informative, and engaging content: A milestone in any brand’s successful journey is when customers find their brand instead of brands trying to reach customers. Reliqus does exactly that for you. We provide tailor-made content which lands right where your customers are. Result? Consumers cannot resist clicking your website link.

What makes Reliqus an Affordable Local SEO Services?

  • We Understand SEO: There is a difference between SEO providers and expert SEO providers. Just doing random things and working with a plan impacts a business’s reputation.
  • We offer All-inclusive solutions: Reliqus offers complete SEO solutions to outperform your competitors. We can help you with keyword research, web page optimization, link analysis, link building ranking checks, SEO audits, website analysis & monitoring, and much more.
  • Great Results: We are a one-stop solution for all your business requirements with measurable results. Businesses may vary from each other in size, or industry but they resemble each other in goals; to grow. With Reliqus, your enterprise increases sales, avail profitable opportunities and expand operations. And great results for our clients motivate us to excel at our craft.

How Do Local SEO Services Work for Your Businesses?

How Do Local SEO Services Work for Your Businesses

How Do Local SEO Services Work for Your Businesses

Local Search Engine Optimization leads customers to your business, searching for the products and services you sell. And for this, first, you need to find out the best local SEO service in India.

Let us see how Local SEO Service work for your business:

  • Increases Local Visibility: Local SEO signifies you as an authority in the local domain. It also helps you to grow your local visibility organically, which drives targeted traffic.
  • Increases Website Traffic: Local SEO helps you generate targeted traffic to your website, interested in buying your products. This traffic gained from Local SEO allows you to create more revenue with fewer efforts.
  • Visibility on Google Map Local SEO Services In India help you magnify your visibility on Google maps by adding all your relevant information. And for this, you need to be sure about your listings to manage pictures, reviews, and more. If you keep providing information pertinent to your visitors, you will get more push from Google.
  • Improves Brand Reputation Improves Brand Reputation: Improper ORM techniques can alter the reputation you build over the years with your hard work. And to maintain its reputation, your constant involvement is required. But when you start to struggle to maintain your business online reputation management, it’s time to implement new quick strategies. For example, on your Google My Business profile, you need to stay relevant by keeping positive reviews, optimizing search engines, forums, blogs, news sites, social networking sites, etc.

Top Local SEO Tips For Every Business

Local SEO Tips

Local SEO Tips

There is no end to the local SEO tips one can use in their marketing strategies and achieve effective results after that.

Keep scrolling to find out all of them:

1. Take Advantage of Online Business Listings

Free online business listing is the easiest and the cheapest way to enhance your Local SEO. Google, Yahoo, and many others are major search engines providing free online local SEO solutions.

Suppose any of your listings are left unattended, the information provided by a source not connected to your firm. It will not give any benefit to your client nor any search engine user. So, you need to take advantage of Google My Business and other listings from other search engine providers.

Top Online Business Listing Providers

Top Online Business Listing Providers

Top Online Business Listing Providers 

Directory Name Industry Niche  US Alexa Ranking  Moz Domain Authority 
Google General 1 98
Facebook General 4 96
Yahoo General 5 88
Bing General 9 94
Instagram 20 93

Table source

Business listings will help you keep your users up to date with all changes you make for your business (like timing and contact info). Consumers cannot visit your premises if you have changed the timings and not updated your listings.

3. Hone in on Local Keywords:-

Your keywords should be relevant to local customers. It only makes sense.

Google’s Keyword Planner lets you filter keyword searches based on location, so you get an idea of the popular search terms for a given region. The tool lets you create a list of locally relevant keywords to target. Once you have them, they should make appearances in your site’s meta content, copy, and URLs.

Also, include mentions of region-specific landmarks and hotspots in your content. For instance, if your local restaurant serves dinner in downtown Seattle, include references to “dining by the Space Needle” or “just steps from the Space Needle” on your site.

4. Mobile-friendly Websites:-

Shaping up your website for mobile is a must because statistics show that 61% of people are more likely to use local companies if they have mobile-friendly sites. In addition, local SEO solutions are closely linked to Mobile SEO, as most people use smartphones for searching.

If you’re not having one, make your site Mobile-friendly; first, check on Google’s free mobile tool that your site works on mobile or not. If not, then contact your web developer to make it work on mobile. A good website developer will build a fully-featured UI/UX-oriented mobile-friendly website. The User Experience will ensure maximum interaction and leave bespoke impressions on your viewers.

5. Create a Dedicated Webpage for Each Product/Service You Offer:-

While it can be tempting to lump all of your products or services together on one significant page, resist doing so. Instead, dedicate one page to each unique product or service you offer.

Your local SEO juice isn’t as powerful if you lump everything into one page because search engines tend not to see your brand as an authority in one specific area. This lowers your ranking possibilities.


We hope this guide will help you remain successful and relevant in 2021 by providing top-quality Local SEO Services In India. These tactics will get your website noticed and assist you in reaching your targeted audience. But it would be best if you remember this; as discussed above, determining the best local SEO services providing company is crucial for doing Local SEO.

Why opt Reliqus For Affordable Local SEO Services?

Our team of experts at Reliqus Consulting has paved the way towards stimulating your website design. We design websites effortlessly and ensure that your website is SEO-friendly in every aspect.

We exclusively assist you with the best SEO services yet make it commendable for you and your clients. We can help you grow your business. For more local SEO related FAQs, Contact us or give us a call at +1 (424) 999-8252.

How Can We Help you?

Our team of experts at Reliqus Consulting has paved the way towards stimulating your website design. Reliqus design websites effortlessly and ensure that your website is SEO-friendly in every aspect.

Our local SEO services in India help small business owners boost their digital presence in various ways.

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