A for Alt Tags: Your Guide to Link Building Terminologies

Whether you are an owner of a website or a reader, I bet you have come across many link-building terms and wondered what they mean. There are many terms for link building from alphabet A to Z. In this post, we will discuss four ‘A’ terms of link building.

1. Anchor Text-

An anchor text is a clickable text in a hyperlink that usually appears in the blue underlined text by default when you link it to another document or location on the web. You can change the colour and font style of your website’s link through HTML or CSS.

Anchor Text in SEO

2. Algorithm Updates-

The Google algorithm is the process that Google uses to rank content. Before that, it goes under the number of factors to determine these rankings, such as the relevance and quality of the content against a particular search query.

New google Algorithm Update

Google makes thousands of changes every year, so you should be alert and update your content regularly for better ranking.

3. Alt Tags:

Alt tags, also known as alt attributes or alt descriptions, is a written text that appears in place of an image if the image fails to load on a user’s screen. This is helpful for visually impaired users who use screen readers when browsing.


Alt tags are also very important for SEO and are a key factor in ranking your website in search engines. Images play a crucial part to drag people’s attention to your website but search engines and other robots cannot do the same, alt tag solves this problem by providing text which is read by the search engines.

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4. Attributes:

Attributes refer to the additional characteristics or properties of the elements of an image. Attributes are always included in the opening tag or start tag, consisting of name/value pairs like name=”value”.

Alt tags Attributes

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