Busy Businessman? Check SEO KPIs That You Can Follow to Keep Track of Your Seo Agency Work

Reliqus Consulting

06 July 2022

By Priti Gupta
Marketing Director

I will not wait for six months for you to get results. How can I invest for so long? I have been promised results from “XYZ” Indian company; it was such a waste.” said one of my clients frustratingly when I asked him to go for SEO to increase leads.

Let’s call the client John for privacy reasons. I explained to John some SEO KPIs, which he can keep tracking to know if the SEO company is working or not. From the second month onwards, your number of clicks and impressions will start improving, and if you are in better hands, it may be within a month.

Empowering Informed SEO Investments: A Practical Approach

Clicks: How many users clicked on your site after finding you on google?

Impressions– The number of times any URL from your site appeared in search results viewed by a user. John is happy now, I have attached the console and analytics report of his venture. Busy Businessman Check Seo KPIs Busy Businessman Check Seo KPIs Report   Busy Businessman Check Seo KPIs Report Busy Businessman Check Seo KPIs Report

Understandably, when hiring an agency for SEO, you are making them a partner in creating a digital sales platform, which is a huge responsibility and investment.  But as a businessman, you might not have that much time to invest and follow up.

So here is a 10 min exercise that can keep your SEO game up. – Ask for the no of clicks and impressions in the previous month vs this month. – Ask for any five good keywords that showed improvement and see if they have any potential to bring leads.

Suppose the answer satisfies you in terms of your expectation. You are fine. Keep your anxiety aside and move on with your day. If not, schedule a consultation with us. reliqus.com/free-consultation We have data to back up our claims.

Hi, I am Priti, Marketing Director of Reliqus and I invite you for a free website audit and a few free tips to take your digital journey up.

Priti Gupta

Marketing Director at Reliqus

She has worked on 100+ Digital Marketing projects, including a wide array of Content writing, SEO, Copywriting, Social media & Paid ads.

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