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23 May 2022

Link Building

Ranking a website up and increasing traffic is as tough as Dr. Strange trying to fix the multiverse.

The competition has been increasing rapidly so to make your website survive any obstacle you need to be equipped with all the tools needed in the journey to rank your website on the front page of the search engine.

If you have just started a new website for your business or you already have a website that isn’t driving the amount of organic traffic as you imagined and you are looking to improve your SEO, we got you covered. Because we know that you like your traffic like you like your orange juice, “organic.”

In this blog, we are going to categorize and explain the best Search Engine Optimization techniques to help you increase your organic search presence.

4 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic:

Here are 4 most important factors to consider while increasing organic traffic.

1. Finding Appropriate Keywords and Word Counts-

“What does the SEO eat for Christmas?
Keyword stuffing.”

Finding the right keyword for your content is like the cherry on the cake, it plays an important role to rank your page better.Finding appropriate keywords and word counts

As we come to word count, every search engine result page(SERP) is different. Some queries require in-depth articles of 3,000+ words, whereas some require 500-1000 words.

There is no right or wrong word count to aim for as it depends on the search query and its top-ranking pages.

2. Meta descriptions-

Once you have got the right keywords and content, it’s time to make sure nothing is holding your work back from getting noticed by the search engines.

A meta description refers to the 150-character summary that summarizes the content of your website which helps the user know how relevant your content is to what they are searching for.Meta descriptionsThough it may sound simple, it takes a lot of knowledge to create such eye-catching meta descriptions.

A. Think about what you are looking for as a user.
B. Make people want to click on your content.

Keep these points before you create a meta description for your web page.

3. Optimize All Images-

As a child, we were told that slow and steady wins the race, but when it comes to slow loading websites it’s not the same.

Users hate it when a website takes too long to load, so to increase the loading speed make sure to optimize images so their file sizes are as small as they can be.Optimize all images

4. User-Friendly Design on Desktop and Mobile-

Is it easy to navigate your website?
Is it easy to scroll and click links?

When you build your website on a desktop you may usually forget to check how it looks on a phone.

Google wants users to easily find what they are looking for, no matter what device they are on. Make sure your web page is easy to access from both desktop and mobile devices.

These are simple yet one of the most important techniques which will help you boost your website.

Here at Reliqus, we provide you with the best SEO services that will follow all the techniques mentioned above and more to groom your website and make it ready to accomplish the best position on Google search results.

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