Why WordPress is a Perfect Choice to build your Small Business Website

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04 July 2022

Wordpress Websites
By Ankit Bhatia
Founder & CEO

There was a period when the business firms as well as the entrepreneurs used to be in search of a website developer even to make a minor change to their website. This scenario has taken a flip with the introduction of WordPress. In today’s era, the management of the business website has got much easier and more flexible. WordPress has been a blessing in disguise for all the business doers who hold a website for their small businesses.

Very well known as a perfect blogging tool, WordPress is now majorly popular as a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS or a Content Management System is a software that helps the users in creating, modifying and managing the content present on the website without the demand of special knowledge relating to technology. This popularity could be termed to its growth that has been taking place over the years. The humble platform of WordPress now owns the potential to build an attractive website. And, owing to this feature offered by the platform millions of small businesses across the world have adopted the platform WordPress to create a website for their business. In this piece of article, we will understand some of the advantages that the platform WordPress offers that make it a perfect match for your business.

WordPress is a Free Platform –

WordPress is available completely free of cost. You can install it after downloading and can install it with ease and can later build a website of the type that gets along with the nature of your business. Being the owner of a small business you would not majorly prefer spending an immense amount of dollars on the building of a website. And thus, WordPress caters to the same demand as it offers the service with the saving cost and time. If you are looking forward to building or purchasing your website for your small business then you can visit, https://wpseeder.com/ 

WordPress has an Easy and Quick Setup –

This is another reason why this platform holds so much popularity. It is for this reason that WordPress can be set up very pretty much easily and quickly. You do not need to be a master in coding to set up the platform. The platform also does not demand you to be an expert with hosting or servers as it does not demand any hardcore skills.

While setting up your account on WordPress you can simply choose the hosting plans from Bluehost and Cloudways and they will install it for you. This procedure will get even smoother if you opt for a managed WordPress hosting plan from a reputed company such as WPEngine or Flywheel. These companies own specialization in WordPress and thus the optimization, configuration and set-up are already present even before signing up for a plan.

After installing you will be availed of a wide range of features and functionalities that will help you with the building of a small and attractive business website with WordPress.

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WordPress is an open-source development platform –

WordPress websites work very well for small businesses as anyone can download them and makes use of the code available in the WordPress Codex to add the necessary functionality to their site. This is one of the most important and attractive features that make the platform WordPress convenient on the part of small businesses. The business owners can also hire a WordPress developer for the management of the source but it is completely their choice as they too can handle it on their own.

WordPress has a very Attractive yet User-Friendly Interface

The development of this attractive platform has been done in such a way that not only the tech-friendly people but also the ones who aren’t much friendly in terms of technology should find it easier to use it. This is one of the major reasons why the owners building a small business website choose to go with WordPress.

WordPress has a Large Support Community –

It is an aforesaid fact that the platform WordPress is been used by millions of businesses across the world. Apart from this, it is also needed to be focused on the fact that WordPress affords the best plan for small businesses along with an excellent online support system. One can easily find the solution for their problems owing to the millions of active users, skilled team of developers, a wide community and discussion forums. Apart from this, there happens to be a ton of online articles and guides regarding the usage and maintenance of the platform that works as a major guide.

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WordPress Offers a Variety of Themes –

In the designing of the website along with adding attractiveness to it themes play a major role. The building of a custom-made design could turn out to be too expensive on the part of the business owners who own a small business. But, with WordPress, you can now choose a predesigned theme from the themes that are available free of cost. WordPress.org theme directory provides a variety of themes without charging a penny. Alongside there also exist reputable websites like WPExplorer free themes that avail you with a wide range of themes that will turn your website into an attractive one.

In addition to the free themes, there also is available a wide range of premium themes that the platform WordPress offers at a cost-friendly price. The feature of premium themes is that it comes with a whole lot of added features along with the support from the developer. Go through the Total WordPress theme if you are looking for a theme that can work for all. The theme consists of an easy page builder that is available in the format of drag and drop powered by a whole lot of customizable options like colours, fonts and many more. Apart from this, there are also a whole lot of niche-based themes that serve a specific demand like websites for restaurants, charity websites, and so on. Such themes can be found on Themeforest. For this very reason, many small businesses choose WordPress as the platform to build their websites.

WordPress offers a variety of Plugins –

To make your website more user-friendly you can make use of the themes offered by WordPress. You can make use of WordPress plugins that you will find free of cost over the web. Along with themes the WordPress plugin dictionary also offers thousands of pre-developed plugins that you can make use of. Also, there are a variety of premium plugins available from the market places that include CodeCanyon, ThemeIsle and so on. Plugins are easy to install and also to use. Also, they add additional functionality to your site.

WordPress sites come with SEO Optimization –

In today’s era of business making it is extremely difficult to crack the nut if your website does not have SEO optimization. Thankfully this necessity of the website is solved by WordPress. The site WordPress comes with the feature of optimized SEO in default as the structure it possesses is acknowledged in advance by the search engine platforms.

WordPress sites are highly Responsive –

It is very important on the part of the businesses to own a responsive website. This need of the business doers is fulfilled by the platform WordPress. Not only for the site but the responsiveness is equally important for the applications and the email templates of the business. The responsive themes the platform WordPress possesses make it very much responsive on various devices including mobiles, tablets, laptops and so on. WordPress always offers an option of plugins for mobile site optimization in case your theme doesn’t look pixel-perfect on phones.

WordPress is Secure! –

It is a widely spread fact that a powerful CMS and web development platform like WordPress is equally reliable. In terms of security and data management, the platform WordPress is second to none. WordPress releases updates and security patches on a regular basis thereby creating a safer environment on the part of the business doers.

WordPress supports Multimedia –

Be it a video or an image, WordPress supports it all. The platform easily lets you integrate videos either on your own or by adding the embeddable codes through the HTML areas. Along with videos and images, one can also add audio files and other forms of media to make the small business website even more attractive and user-friendly.

WordPress is Interactive –

On the site WordPress, your customers can easily post comments in the form of reviews about the product or business you deal in. Thus, the site happens to be one of the most responsive along with one of the most interactive website platforms to reach your customers.

Big Brands use it too! –

The world’s most popular website-making platform, WordPress is not only used by small businesses but also by various big brands which are already present in the arena of business doing for ages. Brands like Mashable, Nasa, Mozilla, Coca-Cola, Wall Street Journal and many more make use of the WordPress platforms. It is to be noted that being the big giants in the world of business doing these brands have millions of page views per day and yet the platform WordPress handles the traffic most smoothly.

WordPress comes with a Scheduler –

The site WordPress makes it easy on your part to schedule the information you want to publish. Be it the scheduling of the offer in the middle of the night or the announcement of the winner of some competition sponsored by the business at a specific time. The scheduler option in WordPress does it all. This feature helps in attracting a large customer base to your website. Also, with the help of this feature, businesses can post the content at specific times of the day as per the volume of their traffic.

WordPress avails the option of Multiple Users –

If multiple users handle your business website then WordPress offers the best in the market feature for it. On the platform, you can assign different roles to different people. Some of the roles that you can avail yourself are been listed below,

  • Super Admin – A super admin owns access to all the features of the website.
  • Administrator – An administrator has access to features related to administration.
  • Editor – An editor owns the access to publish new posts and also can remove the posts that are outdated or unwanted.
  • Contributor – A contributor can manage and write their posts but needs to rely on the administrator to get approved.
  • Subscriber – A subscriber of your small business website can view and also can edit their profile. Usually, this feature is granted by the businesses to the subscribers who own their accounts on the website of the company. This can most commonly be seen in e-commerce sites.

It is easy to add Business Testimonials –

With WordPress, it is easy to add testimonials of your business products. Adding testimonials on your website is a popular way of selling your products over the internet. WordPress avails you with a wide range of plugins that help you add customer testimonials in a pretty easy manner. Some of the plugins offer widgets that display reviews about your websites on the scroll.

Word Press is always Dynamic! –

One of the most attractive features of this website building platform is that is always dynamic and always keeps on improving. The team at WordPress strive to provide you with the option of easy handling of your site for your small business on your own. The addition of new plugins, new features, new codes and many more play a major role in improving your experience.

Conclusion –

For any small business having a cost-effective yet customer-friendly and a top in the class website is an immense need. The platform WordPress caters for this need of your small business by offering you an umbrella of features free of cost. Apart from the features, the security that the website building platform provides makes it a top choice for small business doers. SO, to run your small business effectively and profitably without giving a second thought opt for WordPress and build your website today!

Ankit Bhatia

Founder & CEO at Reliqus

With 12+ years of experience building a web presence for 300+ businesses, Ankit understands how businesses can use technology to increase revenue.

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