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11 June 2021

Wordpress Websites

WordPress is a Content Management system (CMS) platform. It is plugin and template-base, which makes it easily manageable and user-friendly. WordPress is always the primary choice among the blogging platforms because it is easy to use.

As one of the best WordPress Website Development Company in India, we at Reliqus we offer you WordPress development services that focus on authenticity, stretchiness, unique and high-quality product and services. Our WordPress website development team is highly skilled and works with a strategy that meets the requirements of small start-up businesses and big multinational companies.

Benefits of Hiring Custom WordPress Development Company

Here we are going to take a look at some significant benefits which you will experience if you hire a WordPress Development Service from Reliqus:

  • For every client, we find out the most relevant design and also offer customized plans if needed.
  • With affordable offshore pricing, we offer local support at world destinations.
  • With full-time WordPress Design Services, we also offer our services on a part-time basis.
  • Work with transparency, communication, and support with every client.
  • We discuss everything with you about your business via skype, mail, or telephone.
  • We ask nothing less and nothing more. You pay only for what you get.

These are some points that make our company one of the Best WordPress Website Development Company in India.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose WordPress Website Development Company

1. Cost-Effective:- There is a saying that WordPress comes for free, but it restricts you from using some of its features. It does not come for free. Custom WordPress website’s cost depends on the clients’ requirements, on other specifications, and most notably on the budget. A domain name, designs and themes, web hosting, and more will be charged for an operative WordPress website.

2. Easy to Use:- WordPress is called to be the most easy-to-use CMS platform which can be used by even an amateur, and that is because it is built by using organized and clean coding along with the perfect backend codes.

3. SEO Friendly:- WordPress websites are highly SEO-friendly. If required, then you can add plugins to give a push to your website. Customer-friendly and SEO-friendly designs are provided by a WordPress Website Design Company for delivering better results.

4. WP Plugin:- Plugins are installed along with a WordPress website. It boosts the working ability and features of the website. Searching relevant plugins is quite tricky, but it is pretty much more comfortable to activate and install it on a website after it is found once.

5. Responsive:- If your website is slow loading, then ready to lose half of your customers’ mid-way. The customer considers it as the most irritating place to visit if it loads slowly. So, you have to be very sure that your website is responsive, appropriately manage, and quick.

Our Expertise

You understand that we are a WordPress Website Design Company, but, aart from WordPress, there are many more services that we can provide you.

Following are some platforms on which we use to work too:

  • Magento: Magento is used for creating a layout if you have an e-commerce website. And we can help you with this too.
  • CMS Development: we can even help you if you require customized CMS. You need to tell us what features you want, and we will make it happen.
  • Mobile App Development: we develop a customized mobile app and offer comprehensive mobility solutions as per your business’s requirements.
  • Net Development: if you require a general style application, we can help you create it on .Net. As we are making it for your desktop, we can create it for your mobile devices too.
  • Custom PHP Web Development: some people required a unique website. Don’t worry; we can help you out with this too. We create stunning websites by using PHP to fulfill your needs.

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1. How much does it cost to create a website?

Its cost depends on several factors like functionality and the number of pages. To get necessary and proper information about the WordPress Website Development Company in India, you can contact us at +1 (424) 999-8252/info@reliqus.com

2. How long will you provide me with maintenance services?

Minimum maintenance is for 30 days, and on complex platforms, it can extend up to 90 days. For detailed information about development services and packages, you can go on our website: https://reliqus.com/ to get necessary and proper information, you can contact us +1 (424) 999-8252/info@reliqus.com.

3. Do you offer domain registration and website hosting services?

Yes, we assist you with Web hosting services and domain registration, and this service will be count as an additional bill. For more information about WordPress Development Services, you can contact us at +1 (424) 999-8252/info@reliqus.com.

4. How long does it take to build a website?

Everything that we make or create is custom. This also depends on the services and products of your Business. How long it takes to complete it depends on the design and development that comes from your requirements. To get necessary and proper information, you can contact us at +1 (424) 999-8252/info@reliqus.com.

5. Can I see the design when my website is under development?

Website Development starts after getting approval of the design, and after that, we share the link of your website with our testing server by which you can track the progress. We are providing you WordPress Development Services. For more information, you can contact us at +1 (424) 999-8252/info@reliqus.com.

6. Do you optimize websites for Search Engines (SEO)?

Yes, whatever we strategize for your website and all the development and design will be search engine friendly. Its element is design to ensure SEO friendliness, Meta Customization, Mobile-friendliness, etc. To get necessary and proper information about, you can contact us +1 (424) 999-8252/info@reliqus.com.

7. Who will provide the Web Content?

Product image, product description, and web content all are the things that will be provided by a client. For more information about the best WordPress Development Company in India, you can contact us at +1 (424) 999-8252/info@reliqus.com.

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