B2B SEO Case Study: How Amerilist Increased Its Organic Traffic by 4x Via SEO

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18 April 2023

Case Study

In the competitive world of direct marketing, having an effective customer acquisition program can make all the difference. That’s why Amerilist, a leading provider of response-driven database marketing solutions, turned to us for help in improving their search engine optimization (SEO) results. In this B2B SEO Case Study, we’ll explore the challenges we faced, the solutions we implemented, and the impressive results we achieved together.

When Amerilist, a leading provider of direct marketing solutions, approached us for help with their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Like many companies, Amerilist was facing several challenges that were holding back their SEO performance and making it difficult for them to attract the right kind of traffic to their website.

We conducted a thorough analysis of Amerilist website and identified several key areas that needed attention. These included on-page optimization issues, slow page speed, deindexed pages, toxic backlinks, and more. With our years of experience and expertise in SEO, we developed a comprehensive strategy to tackle these issues head-on and help Amerilist achieve the results they were looking for.

The Solutions: Implementing Best Practices for SEO

We knew that to achieve significant improvements in Amerilist’s SEO performance, we would need to take a multi-faceted approach that focused on both technical optimizations and content improvements. We worked closely with Amerilist to implement a range of best practices for SEO, including:

On-page optimization: We identified and revised key on-page elements like H1 and H2 tags, meta titles, and meta descriptions to ensure they were properly optimized for search engines and aligned with user intent.

Page speed optimization: We conducted an in-depth analysis of Amerilist’s website to identify areas where we could improve page speed and reduce load times. We implemented a range of technical changes, such as optimizing images, reducing file sizes, and minimizing HTTP requests, to achieve this.

Deindexed pages: We worked to recover Amerilist’s de-indexed pages by identifying the reasons for their removal and submitting them for reindexing.

Toxic backlinks: We disavowed low-quality backlinks that were harming Amerilist’s SEO performance and worked to build new, high-quality backlinks using techniques like directory submissions, profile creation, resource-based backlinks, and classified ads.

Schema markup: We implemented structured data markup to improve search engines’ understanding of Amerilist’s content and make it more visible in search results.

Content optimization: We updated old content to ensure it was relevant and high-quality, and created new content targeting important keywords and topics in Amerilist’s industry.

The Results: Significant Improvements in SEO Performance

Thanks to our comprehensive SEO strategy, Amerilist was able to achieve significant improvements in their search engine visibility and traffic. Here are some of the key results we achieved together:

  • Total clicks increased by 4x, from 4.2k to 14.9k.
  • Organic visitors increased by 254.76%.
  • Impressions increased from 627k to 2.53M.
  • Organic users crossed the 18k user mark.

GSC Snap Amerilist

Overall, Amerilist saw impressive improvements in their SEO performance across the board. By focusing on key areas like on-page optimization, page speed, and backlink quality, we were able to help Amerilist achieve the results they needed to drive their customer acquisition program forward.

List of Tools We Used and How They Helped Us?

here is a list of tools we used for the Amerilist project and how they helped us:

  1. Ahrefs – We used Ahrefs for keyword research and analysis, site audit, and backlink analysis. This tool provided us with valuable insights into Amerilist’s website and their competitor’s websites. It helped us identify keyword opportunities, technical issues, and backlink opportunities.
  2. SEMrush – We used SEMrush for keyword research, tracking rankings, and site audits. This tool helped us identify keywords that were driving traffic to Amerilist’s website and how their competitors were performing. It also helped us identify technical issues on the website.
  3. Google Analytics – We used Google Analytics to track website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates. This tool helped us understand the effectiveness of our strategies and make data-driven decisions.
  4. Google Search Console – We used Google Search Console to monitor the website’s performance in Google search results, identify indexing issues, and track keyword rankings. It helped us identify which pages were performing well and which needed improvement.
  5. Screaming Frog – We used Screaming Frog for website crawling and analysis. This tool helped us identify technical issues such as broken links, duplicate content, and missing meta tags.
  6. Moz – We used Moz for backlink analysis and tracking. This tool helped us identify high-quality backlink opportunities and track their progress.
  7. Buzzstream – We used Buzzstream for outreach and link building. This tool helped us find relevant websites and bloggers to reach out to and track our outreach efforts.

Overall, these tools helped us identify and address various issues on Amerilist’s website, optimize content and keywords, and improve their search engine rankings and organic traffic.

Conclusion: The Importance of SEO Best Practices for Direct Marketing

As Amerilist’s experience shows, SEO is a crucial part of any successful direct marketing strategy. Without proper optimization for search engines, companies may struggle to attract the right kind of traffic to their website and may miss out on valuable opportunities to engage with potential customers.

By working with experienced SEO professionals and implementing best practices for on-page optimization, page speed, backlink quality, and content creation, companies like Amerilist can achieve significant improvements in their SEO performance and drive their customer acquisition efforts forward. 

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