PPC Case Study: How Tours4fun Increased Visitors And Sales With Paid Advertising?

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16 June 2023


Tours4fun PPC Case Study

Tours4fun is an online travel booking site that offers a wide selection of tours, activities, and vacation packages. They offer awesome deals from trusted local tour operators and travel suppliers around the globe, and you can book with ease anywhere, anytime – from your laptop, phone, or our free mobile app. 

Tours4fun is ranked as the 266th most visited website in the world, according to similarweb.

Tours4fun similerweb

Tours4fun similerweb ranking

In terms of traffic, The website receives 22.2K Organic Traffic and 4.1K Paid Traffic visits per month, with the majority of traffic coming from the United States.

Tours4fun traffic

Paid Keywords Report:

Paid Keyword Report

These are the top 15 keywords that drive the most traffic to Tours4fun:


Keywords Pos. Volume CPC
lake powell tours 1 720 0.61
trips from new york 1 110 0.46
upper antelope canyon tour 1 2900 2.18
xcaret parks 2 6,600 0.62
chinatown restaurants nyc 3 1300 0.4
antelope canyon tour 1 12100 2.05
take tours usa 2 260 1.05
europe tours 1 4,400 1.51
tours in seattle 4 880 0.9
usa tours 1 1,600 0.96
national park tours from las vegas 2 1,900 1.43
washington dc tours 1 8,100 2.13
hoover dam tours from las vegas 1 2400 2.3
new york tours 3 2900 1.29
tours united states 2 2100 2.34


Another PPC strategy that Tours4fun has implemented are:

1. Keyword Research and Position

Keyword Research and position

2. Ad Copy and Ad Extensions

To make the advertising campaign successful, they created ad text that was relevant and attracted the right people, resulting in more successful outcomes. Here are some important points which they considered:

  • They Used the target audience’s language
  • Specific keywords
  • Clear call to action

Ad Copy and Ad Extensions


  1. Tours4Fun revenue is $5.9M annually.
  2. EST Monthly PPC 7.94K Clicks are getting by Google ads.

How travellulu.com Can Rank on the #1 Page of Google SERP By Paid Services? 

Here’s the brief PPC audit of travellulu.com

Many Google ads have common problems. These problems include not getting enough people to buy things and not reaching the right people. This happens because the ads are not set up well and are not managed properly. 

1. A lack of Landing Page Optimization

Travel Lulu made the error of using the same landing page for all their ads. This resulted in a lack of customization and relevance to match the specific needs and interests of the users searching for Travel.

2. Poor keyword management 

Travel Lulu struggled with poor keyword management. They faced difficulties in effectively managing and selecting the right keywords for their PPC campaign.

Ranking on the first page of Google search results is crucial for businesses to attract paid traffic and increase their visibility. While the website https://www.travellulu.com may be receiving a significant amount of traffic, it’s important to implement effective PPC tactics to improve its ranking on Google. In this plan, we will outline the steps to optimize the website and target specific keywords to enhance its chances of ranking on the first page.

3. Landing Page Speed issue

One common issue that websites often encounter is landing page speed. Landing page speed refers to how quickly a webpage loads and becomes visible to the user after they click on an advertisement or a search result.

A slow-loading landing page can negatively impact the user experience, leading to higher bounce rates and lower conversions. Landing page optimization plays a critical role in the success of Google Ads campaigns.

Travellulu Landing Page Speed

It takes 13.6s to fully load and according to Google ideal website loading speed should be between 3 to 10 sec.

4. Poor Campaign Management

It means not doing a good job of handling and overseeing advertising campaigns. It happens when things like planning, targeting, budgeting, monitoring, and optimization are not done well. 

Plan to Rank on the #1 Page in Google

Step 1. Keyword Research and Optimization

We carefully studied the specific Keywords people use when searching for a travel agency for their desired location.

Keyword Research

Potential Keywords for Ranking: 

  1. antelope canyon tour
  2. new york to niagara falls tour
  3. tours a europe
  4. travel agency
  5. travel guide
  6. trips from boston
  7. tours of antelope canyon
  8. trips from san francisco
  9. travel packages in califonia
  10. trip planner in usa

Step 2. Creating compelling ad copy & utilizing ad extensions

Creating compelling ad copy and utilizing ad extensions are crucial for the success of advertising campaigns. Here are some key points to consider when developing relevant ad copy:

Use language that connects with the audience: Use words and phrases that the target audience is familiar with and can relate to when it comes to travel services. This makes the ad copy more engaging and relevant to potential customers.

Should Use specific keywords: Include specific keywords that are relevant to travel services and the intended audience. This ensures that the ad appears in relevant search results, making it more meaningful to potential customers.

Have a clear call to action: Make sure to include a clear and concise call to action (CTA) in the ad copy. This encourages viewers to take action, such as booking a tour or exploring available options, ultimately increasing the chances of conversions.

Step 3. Optimized Landing Pages According to the Ads

Should optimize landing pages and make sure the content is in alignment & related to the ad copy.

Additionally, Should be implemented:

  • Should redesign the logo and add a tagline below the logo to emphasize Sales Recruiting.
  • Add customer testimonials, which is an excellent way to establish trust between you and the viewer.
  • A strategically placed form with limited fields.
  • A clear and captivating call to action.

Step 4. Should Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords play a crucial role in the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns. When you add negative keywords to your campaign, it tells Google not to display your ads for searches that contain those specific terms. This helps refine your targeting and ensures that your ads are shown to a more relevant audience.

Step 5. Test and Optimize On a Weekly Bases

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a process of comparing two different versions of an ad or webpage to determine which one performs better. Campaigns should always be A/B tested to ensure that they are performing to their best ability and check the campaign on a weekly basis.

Step 6. Remarketing

If you want to attract back people who have visited the website before, you should try using a remarketing campaign. This means showing them special ads that are made just for them. These ads will remind them about all the great things the center has to offer. The goal is to get them excited and encourage them to come back to the website or even book an appointment.

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Effective PPC strategies can greatly enhance the traffic and sales of a travel website. By conducting thorough keyword research, optimizing ad copy, and targeting the right audience, companies like Tours4fun have successfully increased visitors and revenue.

Additionally, implementing optimized landing pages, utilizing negative keywords, and conducting regular testing and optimization can further improve campaign performance. With the assistance of reliable PPC services like Reliqus, travel websites can achieve greater visibility and success in the highly competitive online market.

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