What Is New Search Ads 360 & Why Advertisers Should Use It?

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28 April 2023


Are you tired of juggling multiple advertising platforms to get your brand noticed? Search Ads 360 might be the solution you’ve been searching for. This new platform offers a comprehensive approach to managing and optimizing your search ads, giving advertisers the ability to streamline their campaigns like never before. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Search Ads 360 is all about, why it’s worth using for your advertising needs, and how you can use it effectively. So sit back and discover the exciting possibilities of this powerful tool!

What Is New Search Ad 360?

Search ads 360

Image Credit: Blog.google.com

Search Ads 360 is the next generation of search engine marketing platform that helps advertisers to streamline their digital campaigns. It’s a powerful tool that provides advertisers with more control and insights into their search ads, enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

One of the most exciting things about Search Ads 360 is its ability to integrate with other Google Marketing Platform products, such as Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360. This means you can easily manage all your advertising efforts from one central location.

Another advantage of using Search Ads 360 is its real-time reporting capabilities, which allow for immediate adjustments to be made based on performance metrics. Advertisers can also create automated bid strategies and schedule reports in advance.

Additionally, this new platform offers innovative features like attribution modeling and data-driven attribution, allowing marketers to better understand how each touchpoint contributes to conversions across multiple channels.

Search Ads 360 is an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their search ad campaign management. Its advanced features make it an attractive option for those seeking greater control over their digital advertising efforts.

Why Advertisers Should Use Search Ads 360

There are several reasons why advertisers should use Search Ads 360 (SA360):

  1. SA360 is a powerful tool that allows you to manage and optimize your search campaigns across multiple platforms in one place. This saves time and makes it easier for you to monitor the performance of your ads.
  2. SA360 provides advanced bid strategies that help you achieve better results with less manual work. You can set up automated bidding rules based on various factors such as location, device, or audience targeting. This helps improve the efficiency of your campaigns while also increasing conversions.
  3. SA360 offers more detailed reporting than other advertising tools. You can view data across multiple channels in one dashboard which gives a comprehensive overview of how all your marketing efforts are performing.

Using SA360 means that you have access to Google’s machine-learning capabilities which can analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and make smart recommendations for improving your ad performance. There are many benefits for advertisers who choose to use Search Ads 360 over traditional advertising tools.

How Does Search Ads 360 Work?

How Does Search Ads 360 Work?

Image Credit: Blog.google.com

Search Ads 360 is a powerful platform that helps advertisers to manage and optimize their search engine marketing campaigns across different platforms. The platform provides advanced automation tools for bid management, budget allocation, and targeting options.

One of the key benefits of Search Ads 360 is its ability to offer a centralized dashboard for managing multiple accounts across different search engines such as:

  1. Google Ads
  2. Microsoft Advertising
  3. Yahoo! Japan Sponsored Products
  4. Baidu
  5. Yahoo! Gemini

This means that advertisers can easily monitor and analyze performance data from all their campaigns in one place.

Search Ads 360 also offers advanced reporting features which allow advertisers to view detailed insights into campaign performance metrics like clicks, conversions, and ROI. Advertisers can use this information to identify areas where they need to make changes or improvements.

Search Ads 360 comes with robust integration capabilities with other Google products such as Analytics and Tag Manager. This integration makes it easier for advertisers to track user behavior on their websites and attribute conversions accurately.

Search Ads 360 provides an all-in-one solution for managing complex search engine marketing campaigns at scale. By leveraging its powerful features like automation tools, centralized dashboarding, and comprehensive reporting capabilities, advertisers can achieve better results while saving time on manual tasks.

Why Do You Need SA360 for Your Campaigns?

If you’re looking to take your advertising campaigns to the next level, then Search Ads 360 is a must-have tool. SA360 offers advertisers an advanced platform for managing their search ad campaigns across multiple channels simultaneously.

With SA360, you can easily create and manage complex campaigns. The platform allows you to track and analyze data from all of your advertising channels in one place, giving you unparalleled insights into campaign performance.

One key benefit of using SA360 is the ability to automate certain tasks such as bidding based on desired outcomes like conversions or clicks. This automation not only saves time but also ensures that your ads are reaching the right audience at the right time.

Another advantage of using SA360 is its integration with other Google marketing tools such as Analytics 360 and Display & Video 360. With this integration, advertisers can gain deeper insight into customer behavior across different platforms, leading to more effective targeting and messaging strategies.

If you want a comprehensive tool that streamlines campaign management while providing valuable insights and automation options, then SA360 should be at the top of your list.

Is Search Ad 360 Paid?

One of the most common questions that marketers ask about Search Ads 360 is whether or not it requires payment. The answer is yes, it is a paid service.

Search Ads 360 is a paid search advertising management platform offered by Google. Advertisers need to have an active & running Google Ads account and pay for the advertising campaigns they create and manage using the platform. 

The pricing for Search Ads 360 depends on several factors such as how much you are spending on advertising, how many users need access to the platform, and what additional services you require.

It’s important to note that while there is a cost associated with using Search Ads 360, Google also offers support resources such as training courses and customer service to ensure Businesses are able to maximize their investment.

If you’re serious about improving your search engine marketing efforts and have room in your budget for an advertising management tool like Search Ads 360, then it may be worth considering the benefits of this powerful platform.


Search Ads 360 is a powerful tool that advertisers can use to streamline their campaigns and gain better insights into their advertising performance. With its advanced features and integration with other Google marketing tools, it’s clear why many businesses are turning to this platform for their digital marketing needs.

SA360 allows you to manage your search campaigns more efficiently while giving you access to data-driven insights that can help optimize your ad performance. It also provides more control over the campaign management process, making it easier for teams of all sizes to work together effectively.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your advertising strategy and get better results from your search campaigns, then using SA360 could be an excellent option. Its robust set of tools makes it easy for marketers of all levels to create successful ads and drive conversions at scale – so give it a try today!

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